A message that I want to give myself first and foremost because I’ve been feeling quite unpatriotic lately, thinking about all the good great facilities I want in my life ahead and how I can never have them while I stay here. I wasn’t even sure if I am that serious about leaving Pakistan or I am not. Am still confused. But an incident happened and I felt a change in my feelings and that very precious turning point was none other than me getting posted in gynae. Was it seeing pregnant women, carrying futures of Pakistan? Or was it they being pregnant the fourth, fifth time knowing they cannot practically afford an extent in family, they didn’t look scared of poverty. I sit today and reflect over what actually did change my feelings for a government setuped hospital or Pakistan in general. I think I liked the way a PG communicated to the patients and us making sure we both feel comfortable. She answered all our questions. As a woman myself, if anything I find lovable is then it is a woman taking us in their commfort zones on the womenly topics. You see. I felt that personal connection which I wont feel anywhere else in the worldu because for a connection and some comfort you need the basic ingredient same language*. I kept thinking about until I found out, its all about your birthplace. And that is why I got attached to being here again and give my services as long as I can and watch this country grow. Because my mother bearing me never would have thought to leave Pakistan and shift to some other place. Not because she couldn’t but she must have never thought of it, even the idea wouldn’t have crossed her mind. Because the love for this place is natural. My mother would know only, how special is that hospital and that city or that house where her babies were born. So we as Pakistani’s, only can feel the pride when we see a new road getting in form, or a new bus service, rikshaw becoming better on CNGs, or crises getting reduced, Thank you Raheel Shareef. We feel proud as one nation for those humanitarian work people are doing for our needies. Because you are born here, so you like growing along with this country.For my parents nearly in fifty’s they would feel this connection even more than me. After all the same age group.

You dont want to run your mercedes over a broken road thus you expect from your friend Pakistan, 

Oh Man, why dont they improve the roads!

Excuse me, who are they? You cannot go and correct the road but can you not come up with any single motivation in your heart which can suffice changing hearts of millions, any preaching just what Sir Iqbal did? Were not people equally illetrerate then as they are today? How about No complaining compagin just improvement game. And no blame shots. What if you use a cheaper car and use the saved money awaring youth and poorest of people. I know this system is too black now, no one is asking you to payback the system or change it. Do your job sincerely. Lower down your expectations and learn to wait and compromise. Then you are good to go. Trust me, as an on-merit student at a goverment setup I’ll get to aware this nation so much, if only they find respite in me. I’ll be at the most closest relation to all of these people around me, changing there mentality and bringing positivity in them if I have some in me. 

See, a county is not just a bordered area. A country is a bordered area adorned by Some People. We are inevitable parts of this country. We make our Pakistan. Pakistan is not any superstitious place. Its Us. We are Pakistan. No need to add that extra “i” in the end even. If your country is not progressing then its you who’s stagnant. If your country is corrupted then its you and I on the ground levels of our hearts and souls, we are corrputed. This is my idea of growing and watching my country grow along side me. 

Revolutions start from within. We need to avail every single good opportunity from this land and watch it grow by our watering-it-daily practice then inshaAllah. Allah tallah will blossom every corner of our land. We need to stay hopeful. If we cant sacrifice our extra high wishes which helps no farmer of your country but yourself then we are going no where. Buddy. Simply no where.

Revolutions do come with sacrifices. Sacrifice the wishes of your ego. And leave the rest to Your Lord and and the Lord of the country. 

– Maybe you are looking in the branches for what lies in the roots. 

Maulana Roum